About Us

The Fire Mark Circle of the Americas (FMCA) was organized in 1972 by a group of fire mark collectors in the United States. These collectors knew of numerous other collectors throughout the country who were interested in sharing information and exchanging fire marks and fire artifacts, but had no practical way of communicating with each other.

The initial meeting of the FMCA was at the Museum of the Home Insurance Company in New York. This was the logical place for the first meeting because the Home Insurance Company had sponsored and published the "bible" of fire mark collectors Footprints of Assurance by Alwin Bulau.

The founding members of FMCA were Max Klein, Morton Werner, Eugene Morris, Albert Wills, William Hedges, Thomas J. Tye, Home Ins. Co. and INA.

The Fire Mark Circle of the Americas was the first and only authorized branch of the Fire Mark Circle of England (FMC), which was organized in 1934. In 1975, FMCA became an independent organization; however, because of our mutual interests, we are still strongly affiliated with the FMC.

FMCA has members from all walks of life. In addition to many insurance brokers and company personnel, members include firefighters, attorneys, teachers, and museum curators. Newsletters and journals are issued on a periodic basis and members are kept informed about matters of mutual interest. A convention is held annually and normally lasts three days. Look for more information on our website about future conventions.

FMCA continues to grow in size as the organization becomes known to more people who share an interest in our common objectives. Participation varies with each member; some are interested in receiving information and exchanging items by mail; others share these same interest in addition to taking part in the annual conventions.

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