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  1. Member Login Help
  2. How does the online "2021 FMCA AUCTION Online Auction" bidding work?
  3. How does the in person "2021 FMCA Live Convention Auction" bidding work?
  4. Bid Increments
  5. Why does the Bid Ending Time not match my local time? 
  6. ADDED Auction Fees and Shipping Costs 
  7. More FAQ'S are coming (will number below once all FAQ's are done)


MEMBER LOGIN HELPEmails were sent out on Sunday, October 19, 2021 around 11AM CT with your passwords, They were sent from This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it., please check your SPAM FOLDER 

All User Names are in the following format:  FirstName-LastName (note dash between)
Example: "John-Smith" with a dash between.

PASSWORDS ARE CASE SENSITIVE. -It is a series of numbers, then a dash then a word that begins with a capitalized letter,   Example:  "630668543-Wheaton". Note the capital LETTER after the dash - If you continue to have issues you can try to login, once failed you will have the option to have a PASSWORD RESET sent to you email (your old password will not work at this point) - you must click the link to reset your password in the email to reset your password and reactivate your login.

Once logged in you can change your password (suggested) and set your time zone so auction end times match your location ("User Settings" on the menu to the left) NOTE: All new passwords must have all the following, both upper and lower case letters, number, and special charactor ($%#@!&)

Contact Scott Tippen, Auction Liason, if you have a problem or need help.


 How does the online "2021 FMCA AUCTION Online Auction" bidding work? -  Go to the "FMCA Auction link" in the menu bar,  then to "2021 FMCA AUCTION Online Auction" link, find the item number you want to bid on and click the RED Link or photo to open the detail page of the item, Enter the maximum you want to BID,  Then click the BID button.  If the current bid is $10, you bid $100, and someone elses max bid is $40 then you bid will only go to the next highest incremental bid to win,  so $50 will be your bid (if the bid increments are $10), and you will keep bumping up to be high bidder until you are outbidded.

 How does the in person "2021 FMCA Live Convention Auction" bidding work? -  Items 150 through 270  will NOT be accepting bids Online.

You can bid one of the three following ways:

  1. Mail an Absentee bid form to: William L. Pope, 2500 Sixth Avenue, No. 805, San Diego, CA 92103 **The mail in bids MUST be received by Bill no later that October 8, 2021. After that they WILL NOT be accepted**
  2. Email an Absentee bid form to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  3. Be at the auction in person to bid

Bid Increments. - As the Bid Price Increases,  so does the bid increments (The Amount Needed to be the higher bid), So as the auction price goes up the amount you need to bid increases,   here. is a chart of the bid increments. (They are subject to change)

 Why does the Bid Ending Time not match my local time? - You need to set your TIME ZONE in your User Settings,  The following will help you choose a City for choosing your Time Zone, ITS A LONG LIST COVERING THE WHOLE WORLD-  HINT: If you just start typing the city name while in the timezone field in the form the city should come up and hit enter.  If you see a another city name that applies to your time zone that is fine too.

Honolulu =   HST Hawaii Standard Time
Anchorage = AKDT Alaska Daylight Time
Los Angles = PDT Pacific Daylight Time
Phoenix = MST Mountain Standard Time
Denver = UMDT Mountain Daylight Time
Chicago = CDT Central Daylight Time
New York = EDT Eastern Daylight Time



ADDED Auction Fees and Shipping Costs - We have a "Buyers Fee" of 10% of the Winning Bid price that is added to all sold items,  this fee helps support the FMCA through the year and pays for the expense of the Auctions each year,  ALSO you will need to arrange packaging, insurance, and shipping and if paid by FMCA it will be added to your invoice for items. The FMCA treasurer, Linda Borgstrom will send out invoices once everything is finalized and she is informed of all charges and items you are buying.

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