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2018 Silent Auction  -  2018 Live Auction
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# ID Description ImageMin
1AInsurance Company of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau B47. Metal. Very Heavy. Back of Mark says "Facsimile of Ins. Co. of N.A. Fire Mark Issued in 1830." 11 x 8 1/4. TBD
3RMutual Assurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau B38 (known as the Green Tree). Repainted. Reviewed by Auction Verification Committee in 2017. Determined to be a Reproduction. Reasons: Lots of Grinding with Pieces of Iron on Edge. Red Rust on Front. Uneven Thickness. Old Casing Circle of Reverse. At the Small Measurement of this Issue. Older Mark but not Authentic. TBD
6EGulf Insurance Company Plaque. Dallas, Texas. Founded 1925. Wood Backing with Black Lucite Material and Lettering. Map of Texas in Middle. Edging of Gulf Insurance Plaque has "damage" TBD
7CM F D I Co. Reproduction Fire Mark. Oval. Composite Material. 11 1/8 x 7 3/4. Red Fireman's Hat Raised with Raised M F D I Co Raised Slightly on Black Background. TBD
9CKnife. Silver. On both sides is Fire Department Emblem in Red with Picture Two Firefighters and Fire Truck Fighting a Fire. Also Original Composite Wood Presentation Case Included. Knife is 6 1/2 x 1 1/4. TBD
10EFire Association of Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Reviewed by Verification Committee in 2017. Determined to be a Reproduction because there is no Water with a Flat "A". TBD
16PThe American Fire Insurance Company of Philadelphia. Ink Blotter. Big for a Blotter - 9 1/2 x 4 7/8. Top Shows A. D. 1810. Bottom Shows Assets, January 1st, 1885 as $768,xxx. No Bends or Rips in Blotter but there is Ink Stains on Blotter - used for its intended purpose in the distance past. 10
20CBelt Buckle. Brass. America's Heroe's Fire Department. Raised Etched Lettering and Horses and Fire Equipment. At Bottom is "Boston." TBD
27IPaperweight. Est. 1836. Northern Insurance Company. Fire, Life. Capital L3000000. TBD
28RBaltimore Equitable Society. Baltimore, Maryland. Reproduction Fire Mark of B57. Cast Iron. Repainted. Determined by Verification Committee to be a Reproduction because: Top & Sides of Edges are not Smooth and Irregular. No Detail on Finger Nails, esp. on Bottom, Red Rust in Hollow of Hands. Mark is Old but not 19th Century. TBD
34OF.I Co. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Reviewed by Verification Committee in 2017 and determined to be a reproduction. Reasons: No Tab on Back, Red Rust on Font and Back, Ground Edges, Poor Casting on Details. 13 1/4 x 11 3/4. TBD
36GUnited Fireman's Insurance Company, Philadelphia. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 310. Cast Iron. 11 3/8 x 8 7/9. Reviewed by ALVC in 2017 and determined to be a Reproduction. TBD
39RThe Philadelphia Contributionship. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Reproduction Fire Mark of Bulau 13. Unmounted Lead Clasped Hands of the Type issued about 1815. Reviewed by the Auction Verification Committee in 2017. Owner advised that it was a Reproduction and the ALVC agreed with that assessment. Vintage but not Original Hands from 1813. TBD
40EOld Fire Marks Used by Insurance Company of North America. Sign. Composite Material to Appear to Look Like Wood. Four Fire Marks - one on each Edge of Sign Raised. Lettering is also raised. 20 3/8 x 12 1/2. TBD
41YUnited States Fire Insurance Co., Western Department. Freeport, Illinois. Policy Ledger Book. 16 x 10 1/2. Pages are Empty inside Book. TBD
54IILondon & Lancashire, London England. Fire Reproduction Fire Mark of B927. Shield Shape. 8 3/4 x 8 3/8. Heavy Lead. TBD
58YBrass Sign. 5 x 7. Burglary and Hold Up!. This Bank is Insured in Royal Indemnity Company. $100.00 Reward will be paid for the Arrest followed by the Conviction of any persons robbing or attempting to rob this bank. Red Shield. Lettering is Etched Black. TBD
61PInk Blotters - 5 for one price. Group Consists of: Agricultural Insurance Co., Liverpool & London & Globe Ins. Co., Illinois Mutual Fire Insurance, Phoenix Insurance, and Fidelity-Phenix Fire Insurance Co. All 5 in very good condition with no rips, tears or stains. 10
66CUnion Assurance Society. London, England. Oval. Heavy Copper. Reproduction of a Firemen's Arm Badge. 8 1/4x7 1/8. TBD
67NNThe Architectural Surveys. 1784-1794, Volume 1. Book. Papers of the Mutual Assurance Company. Anthony N.B. Garvan, General Editor, 1976. In original box. 331 pages 12 inches tall x 9 1/2 inches wide x 1 1/4 inches. Contains the insurance surveys for a large sampling of the company's first ten years of policies. Each policy reviewed has a large readable picture of the original handwritten survey, along with information about the insured and lists subsequent policyholders. Book's Prologue reviews the early years of the company. TBD
72BAgency of the Liverpool & London & Globs Insurance Company. Sign. Brass. Heavy for its Size. 9 1/8 x 14 1/2. Brass Raised Lettering on Black Background. TBD
77CReproduction Fire Mark of Sun Insurance Office, London, England. Raised Sun with 16 Rays in Gold. Blue Background. Panel at Bottom has 1710 in Black with Gold Background. Back of Mark says "Salop Iron." 6 5/8x6 3/4. TBD
78GGMillers Mutual Ashtray/Tip Tray. 75th Anniversary. 1877 - 1952. Gold Color with Indented Lettering. 4 inch diameter. TBD
85JDeerbrook Insurance Company Plaque. Wood Back (original to Plaque) with Plaque - White Background, Gold Border, Black and Blue Lettering with Blue Triangle TBD
88RUnion Fire Insurance Company. Nashville, Tennessee. Reproduction Fire Mark of B429. Cast Iron. Repainted. Determined to be Repro by Auction Verification Committee in 2017. Reasons: No Points on Top; Too Heavy. TBD
89HHome Insurance Reproduction Fire Mark on Wood. Agency Plaque. 9 5/8 x 6 3/4. TBD
99PAmerican Insurance Company of Boston, Mass. Ink Blotter. Very Good Condition. 6
101CFiremen Dress Hat with Captain's insignia on Front. The Buttons on each side says "Trenton F D." Circa Mid-20th Century. 10
113WMiniature Reproduction Fire Mark of the Green Tree. Oval. Composite Material. 3 x 2 7/8. TBD
114VMiniature Reproduction Fire Mark of Fire Association of Philadelphia. 3 1/4 x 2 1/4. Oval. Composite Material. TBD
119CFunny Fire Item. Wood Plaque that says "In Case of Fire Raise This Flap." If you Open the Flap, Slightly Smaller Wood Piece says "Not Now Stupid! In Case of Fire" 8 7/8 x 4 1/4 for larger front piece. TBD
120JJFire Association of Philadelphia Reproduction Fire Mark. Oval. Composite Material. 10 1/2 x6 3/4 TBD
130CSalop Fire Office. Shrewsbury, England. Reproduction Fire Mark. Heavy Lead. 7 1/8 x 7 7/8. TBD
132TFireman Collector "Doll". Byers Choice, Ltd. The Carolers. 13 3/4 inches tall. TBD
184FHartford Fire Insurance Co. Sign. Live Stock Shipped to Market in this Truck is Insured Against Death and Crippling. Tin. Yellow Background with Black Raised Lettering and Stag at the Top Left of Sign. Some Bends in the Tin on the Left Side of the Sign. 23 1/4 x 11 1/8. No Frame. TBD

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