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2018 Live Auction  -  2018 Silent Auction
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Item Type Book
Ref. No.
Description ImageEst.
1FMB138Fire Department Insurance Company. Cincinnati, Ohio. 1837 - 1855. Cast Iron. Oval. House Paint. 7 3/4x 11 1/2. Raised Figure of Old Double Decker Hand Pump in Center with Company Name Raised Around Edge of Mark. Issued About 1850. Very Rare. TBD
2FMB428 X-1American Central Insurance Company. St. Louis, Missouri. Tin Sheet Iron. Rectangular. 1871 - 1965. Merged with Commercial Union Insurance Co. of New York. 7 x 3 3/8. Rare. TBD
4Sign347.2 VarSecurity Fire Insurance Company. Davenport, Iowa. 1883- 1950. Tin. Self Framed. 22 1/8x28 1/4. Gold Lettering Dark Red Background on Right Side with Red Background on Top Left Side. Very Good Condition. TBD
5FMW95A;B892 Var.Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper. 15 x 12. Ornate Shield with Border, Design and Lettering Raised. ROYAL and Crowns Repainted in Red in the Past. Massive and Rare Variant. Very Good Condition. TBD
6BookNAFootprints of Assurance Book by Alvin Bulau. 1953. Limited Edition First Printing of Book (500 copies). Presented to Ivan Escott and Personally Signed by Alvan Bulau and Harold Smith on June 16,1953. This Printing has Gold on the Outside of Each Page with Plastic Cover. Unused Condition. TBD
6BookNAFootprints of Assurance Book - Inside Page showing Authors' Signatures. TBD
7FMB229Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. 6 5/8 x 3 1/4. Black Background with Gold Lettering Raised. Border is Barely Raised. Repainted. Issued 1853. First Mark of this Company. TBD
9FMB1026Eagle Star & British Dominions Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. Rectangular. 11 3/8x6 5/8. Black Background with Gold Lettering and Eagle TBD
11Sign133.3 Var,Fidelity Phenix Fire Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1919 - 1959. 13 5/8x18 3/4. Reverse Glass with Brass Plate and Wood Frame. Multi-colored Company Emblem. Brass Company Name. Black Background. TBD
14FMB1196 Prvni Ceska Vzajemna Pojistovna. Prague, Czechoslovakia. Iron. Rectangular. Convex. 7 x 5. Damage to Middle of Mark. TBD
16Fire BucketNAFire Bucket. Green Paint that has peeled off in many places. No stenciling on the bucket. Handle is missing. 12 1/4 tall x 8 3/4 diameter at top x 5 1/4 at bottom. Note - one side of bucket has an OLD bend in the middle of the bucket. TBD
16Fire BucketNAGreen Fire Bucket. Picture of the Bucket that has the Damage in the Middle of the Bucket. TBD
16Fire BucketNAGreen Fire Bucket. Picture of Inside of the Bucket TBD
17FM??3actpaxdbaho Bb3emctbi6 Nepmckon Ty6eph1n. (Note - my computer does not have many of these letters) Russia. Circa 1910-20. Heavy Tin. Shield in Middle. Oval. 8 1/8x6 1/6. TBD
21FMB293Firemans Insurance Company. Dayton, Ohio. Tin. Rectangular. 7 5/8 x 3 3/4. Border and Lettering Raised. Circa 1861. TBD
22FMB1264 and ??L'Union Compagnie D'Assurances Contre L'Incendie, Les Accidents et Risques Divers. Paris, France. Two L'Union Marks in this Lot. Small Mark is Bulau 1264. Tin. 7 x 9 1/2. Common Mark. Larger Mark is not in Bulau. Uncommon Mark. Tin. 10 x 13 1/2. TBD
23FMB927London & Lancashire Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. Shield Shape. 9 3/8 x 8 1/2. Lettering, Design and Border Raised. TBD
24Sign346Sea Insurance Company, Limited. Aluminum. 19 1/2 x 13 1/2 with Frame. Etched Black Old English Lettering. TBD
25FMB973Palatine Insurance Company. London, England. Tin. 9 1/2 x 7. Outer Border, Lettering and Design Raised. Border Gold with Red Stripe. Palatine Insurance Black and Gold. Castle and Trees Cream, Gray and Black. Waterloo & Sons, Limited, London in Very Small Letters in Lower Left Hand Corner of Mark. TBD
26FMB88VAFire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Raised F A and Fire Hydrant. Slightly Convex. Hollow Back. No Drainage Knob. Issued around 1863. Repainted. Determined to be Authentic by Auction Verification Committee in 2017. TBD
27RattleNAWatchman's Rattle. Watchmen would whirl these in response to fires, crimes, to alert police or volunteer firemen and citizenry of danger. New York (then the Dutch colony New Amsterdam) established a rattle watch in 1652. Before whistles, law enforcement used wooden rattles and their distinct noise to signal for help, even into the 19th century. Brass Plate on each side of Rattle with one side etched "No. 409." TBD
28FMB551Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Copper. Circular. 7 1/4 in Diameter. Raised Sun with 16 Rays, Alternating Straight and Wavy. SUN FIRE OFFICE 1710 Raised around the Border. TBD
29FMB1402Aachen-Leipziger Versicherung Aachen. Aachen, Germany. Iron. 7 3/4x4 3/4. Light Red Background with White Border and Lettering. TBD
30Parade BeltNABerland Fireman's Parade Belt. Reddish Brown Leather with BERLAND Raised in Light Brown. Leather is Dry. Break in Leather on Front Side to the Right Side. On Back Side is White Piece Entire Length of Belt to Keep it from Cracking. TBD
30Parade BeltNAPicture 2 of Berland Fireman's Parade Belt. This Picture shows the White Attachment on the Belt. TBD
31FMB331New York Central Insurance Company. Union Springs, New York. 1863 - 1880. Tin. Rectangular. Border and Lettering Raised. Black Background with Gold Lettering. 9 3/4x 3 1/2. TBD
32FMB1001Central Insurance Company. Birmingham England. Tin. Circular. Convex. 7 3/4. No Color Left. Mark has been Bent Long Ago. TBD
33FMB1649 Unlisted VariantFirst Russian Insurance Society. St. Petersburg, Russia. 1827 - 1921. Heavy Tin. 10 1/2x8 5/8. TBD
34FMB93Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Extremely Convex. Hollow Back. Drainage Knob in Back. Issued around 1870. Determined to be Authentic by Auction Verification Committee. TBD
35Sign279.3Northwestern Fire & Marine Insurance Co. Minneapolis, Minn. 1906-1959. Reverse Glass Sign. 17 1/4x10. Black Background. Gold Lettering with Black Shading. Shield in Center is Gold with Black Letters and Green Background. Original Frame to Sign. TBD
36FMB714; W29LNorwich Union General Assurance Office. Norwich, England. 1792 - 1821. Brass. 13 5/8 x 10 1/8. Standing Figure of Justice Holding Scales Surrounded by Ornate Design and NORWICH UNION in Panel Below. All Raised. This Mark, Known as the "Gaudiano Plate" was Named for the Designer. Bottom Left Side is Bent Slightly but Attached. Fragile Mark but in Very Good Condition TBD
37Fire GrenadeNAStar Hand Fire Grenade. Turquoise. Harden Fire Extinguisher. Empty. Very Minor Rough Edges at Top Rim. TBD
38FMNAPhiladelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses from Loss by Fire. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Wood. Shield shape. Four lead clasped hands mounted on wood. 14 1/2x8 1/2. Originally from Kemper Insurance Collection. Front of wood and hands have been repainted recently. Verification Committee in 2012 said that repainting makes it impossible to determine age of hands. Board is not original but old. TBD
39Sign133.8Fidelity Phenix Fire Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1910 - 1959. Porcelain Enameled on Steel. Frame added - not original to sign. 16 5/8x12 5/8 including frame. White Lettering with Blue Background. TBD
40FMUS-FI-1Farmers Mutual Town Fire Insurance Co. Rusk County, Wisconsin. Michaelson & Hughes Co. General Agents. Name Changed in 1902 to Rusk County Mutual Insurance Company. Brass. First Instance of a Fire Mark Showing Both the Names of an Insurance Company and an Agent. TBD
41SignNASun Fire Office London Sign. Iron. 13 1/2x 11. Dark Blue Lettering for Sun and London. Chrome on Thin Tinned Sheet Iron. Red Lettering for Fire and Office and for Border. Blue and Gold Emblem in Middle. Cream Background. Manufacturer is Barclay's Process, London. TBD
42FMB671;W20BSalop Fire Office. Shrewsbury, England. 1780-1890. Copper. 7 3/4x7 3/8. Damage on bottom right by the "P" where it was damaged when taken off the building. Repainted. TBD
43FME141YThuringia Versicherungs - AG (Thuringia Insurance Company). Munich, Germany. The Knight in Armor holding a Shield with a "T" representing Protection. circa 1952 - 1966 TBD
44Sign153.3Glen Falls Insurance Company. Glen Falls, New York. 1864-1971. Aluminum with Wood Frame. 22 1/2x28 3/8. Glen Falls in Etched Red. Rest of Lettering and Border in Etched Black. Aluminum Background. Some scratching on Background. TBD
45FMB296American Insurance Company. Chicago, Illinois. 1859 - 1883. Heavy Tin. 6 3/4 x 3 1/8. Border and Lettering Raised. Issued 1865. Rare. Repainted. TBD
47FMB549Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Copper. Circular. 6 inch circular. Raised Sun with Twenty Wavy Rays. Repainted. Loops on the Sides (for fastening to the building) are missing - probably done when removed from building. TBD
48Fire HelmetNAGerman Fire Helmet. From a 19th Century Brigade. Helmet has Schlader Freiwillige Feuerwehr on Front. TBD
48Fire HelmetNAGerman Fire Helmet. Leather with Brass. Picture of Side with Lions on Each Side. Very Good Condition. TBD
48Fire HelmetNAGerman Fire Brigade Helmet. Picture of inside 9 1/2 inches long x 7 1/2 inches wide x 7 1/2 inches tall. TBD
49FMB314VAUnited Firemen's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Oval. 11 3/4x9 1/4. Raised U.F. Old Model Steam Fire Engine in High Relief. Wheel have 8 Spokes. Bevel Edge. Top of Bevel Edge has Broken off at Area of Third Top Hole. Pieces are Included with Mark. Repainted. Determined to be Authentic by the Auction Verification Committee in 2017. TBD
50Sign178 VarHome Fire and Marine Insurance Company of California. San Francisco, California. 1900-1966. Tin Mounted on Wood Base. 22 1/4x12 1/8. TBD
51FMB GB-GA-1Gresham Fire & Accident Insurance Society. London, England. 1910 - 1933. Allied with Legal & General in 1933. Rectangular. Enamel Coated Iron. 8 x 4. White GRESHAM on Green Background. Rare. TBD
52FME82VLandschaftliche Brandkasse. (Hanover Provincial Fire Office). Hannover, Germany. Enameled Iron. White Border, Lettering and Horse with Red Background. 7 3/8 x 5 1/2. Circa 1961 - 1983. Flat with Beveled Edges. TBD
54FMB1721Basler Versicherungs Gesellschaft Gegen Freuerschaden. Basler, Switzerland. Iron. Convexed. 9 1/2x7 3/4. White Background with Black Lettering and Border. Crest is Multi-colored. TBD
58FMB475-X-1State Insurance Company of Des Moines. Des Moines, Iowa. 1897 - 1913. Tin. Rectangular. 6 1/2 x 2 3/8. Gold Lettering and Border. Black Background. TBD
59FME64O or E64PGothaer Feuer Versicherungbank auf Gegenseitigkeit. (Gotha Mutual Fire Insurance Bank). Koln, Germany. Enameled Iron. Convex. Orange Background with White Lettering. Circa 1952 - 1966. 7 3/4 x 4. TBD
60Parade BeltNAProtection Hose Fireman's Parade Belt. Red/Brown Leather with Light Brown Lettering and Stitching. Dry Leather. No Rips or Tears. TBD
60Parade BeltNAPicture 2 of Protection Hose Parade Belt. TBD
61Sign398.3United States Fidelity and Guaranty Company. Baltimore, Maryland. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. 17 3/8x9 1/4. Indented Brass and Gold Lettering. Dark Maroon Simulated Wood Grain Background. Excellent Condition. TBD
62FMB442Lumberman's Insurance Company. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Cast Iron. Diamond Shape. 9 1/4x9 1/4. Border Represents Four Logs Overlapping at Ends. L I Co. in Center. Issued about 1873. Determined to be Authentic by Auction Verification Committee in 2017. TBD
64Auto TagNAStandard Protection. Capital Stock Company Insurance. Auto Tag. TBD
65FMB121-V-AHartford County Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. . Convexed Oval. 9 3/4 x 4 3/4. Gold Lettering on Black Background. Sheet brass. Refer to Peter Faber's article on the mark in the 2012-1 issue of The Signevierist. This mark was issued as part of a plaque by the Covenant Mutual Insurance Company on or after 1970. TBD
69FMB989National Union Society. Bedford, England. Tin. Rectangular. Border, Center Design and Lettering Raised. Lettering and Design in Yellow. Background and Border in Red. TBD
70FMB AU-OA-1Oberofterreichifchen Landes Brandschaden. Linz, Austria. Enameled Iron. Convex. Rectangular. 5 1/2 x 7 1/2. Cream Background with Black Lettering. Shield at Top in Red, Black and Cream. Circa 1920. Mounted on a Nice Wood Board. TBD
74Auto TagNACappers National Protective Service Association. Auto Tag. 3 x 3. Metal. Black and Red Background with White, Red and Black Lettering. This Car Protected - Thieves Beware. TBD
75FME25JConcordia Feuer Versicherungs-Gesellschaft. (Concordia Mutual Fire Insurance Company). Hannover, Germany. Enameled Iron. Rectangular. 5 1/2 x 7 7/8. Slightly Convex. Dark Blue Background with White Border. Raised, White Lettering and Shield of Hoya. Circa 1935 - 1945 for this Mark. TBD
80FMB97Aetna Insurance Company. Hartford, Connecticut. Heavy Tin. Rectangular. 4 1/2 x 9 12. Raised Border and Lettering. Gold Lettering and Black Background. Issued about 1835. TBD
81Ledger MarkerNAGuardian Assurance Company of London. Ledger Marker. United States Branch Office. New York. One Side Only has Writing. TBD
82SignNATiroler Landes Brandversidierung. Innsbruck, Austria. Brass Sign with Self Brass Frame. Raised Lettering and Shield. Wood Backing. Very Good Condition. Written on Back is the following: Genuine Fire Mark from Switzerland. From Signaverist Collection of Home Insurance Co. NY. Presented to Harry F. Albershardt by Alwin E. Bulau, Jr. about 1940. TBD
83FMB83Fire Association of Philadelphia. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Oval. 11 1/4x 7 3/4. Raised F A and Fire Hydrant with Water Gushing from Hose. Flat Back. First Mark Issued by Company. Circa 1817. Verified as authentic by Auction Committee in 2017. TBD
84Fire BadgeNARockford Fire Department Badge. 2 inches. Very Good Condition. TBD
85FMB-EG-HA-1Mier Insurance Company Societe Anonime Arabe. Cairo, Egypt. Brass. 9 13/16 x 5 7/8. Mosque Within an Oval Frame. Circa 1934. TBD
86Sign243 Var. Minneapolis Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Minneapolis, Minnesota. 1911 - 1960. Brass. 27 1/2 x 12 3/4 including Wood Frame. Black Background with Slightly Raised Brass Lettering. Some of Black Background has Worn Off. TBD
88FMB1489Societa Reale Mutua di Assicurazionr Incendi. Turin, Italy. Rectangular. Heavy Tin. 10 3/4 x 8 5/8. Gold, Red, White and Black Crest Raised in Center. Lettering in Gold on Black Background. Raised Border. TBD
89FMB160Home Mutual Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Saint Louis, Missouri. 1845-1880. Zinc. Oblong. 6 1/2 x 4 3/4. Border, Clasped Hands and Lettering Raised. TBD
90FMB864District Fire Office. Birmingham, England. 1834 - 1864. Copper. Circular. 7 3/8 in diameter. Border, Arms of the City of Birmingham in Center Circle Raised. DISTRICT and Two Crossed Axes are Raised. TBD
93Fire BucketNABrown Fire Bucket. Leather. Made in England is Engraved in the Leather at the Bottom of the Bucket. Front of Bucket has a Gold Stencil that might not be original to Bucket. TBD
93Fire BucketNABack of Leather English Fire Bucket. 12 inches tall x 9 1/4 diameter on top x 6 1/4 diameter at bottom. TBD
93Fire BucketNABrown Leather English Fire Bucket. Top and Inside of Bucket. Leather Handle. Metal Rim Covered in Leather. Metal has come loose in one area by handle. Also leather covering the metal is missing in some areas. TBD
95FMB231Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. Oval. 8 x 5 3/8. Raised Lettering and Border. No Paint Remains. Issued about 1861. Rare. TBD
96FME77ABrandnotversicherung des Hannoverschen Landbundes. (Emergency Fire Insurance for the Hanoverian Farmer's Union). Hannover, Germany. 1922 - 1945. Enameled Iron. Convex. 7 3/4 x 5 1/2. Green Background with Yellow Lettering and Emblem Slightly Raised. The Three Wheat Ears is the Emblem of the Hanover Farmer's Union. TBD
97Sign352Sioux Fire Insurance Company. Sioux City, Iowa. 1909 - 1913. 24 x 18. Gold Lettering with Black Outline. Multicolored Company Emblem - Head of American Indian Chief. Natural Wood Grain Background. No Frame. TBD
98FME2AYAachener und Munchener Versicherung. (Aachen and Munich Fire Insurance Company.) Circa 1958- 1965. Enameled Iron. 5 7/8 x 4. TBD
99Fire HelmetNAFire Helmet. Scottish Made Metro Pattern by Hendry of Glasgow. Glasgow Salvage Corps Front. Very Good Condition. TBD
100FMB712: W29JNorwich Union Fire Insurance Society. Norwich, England. Heavy Tin. 9 3/4 x 7 5/8 (not including wood backing not original to mark). Seated Figure of Justice Facing Left Holding Scales. Example of the Rare Facing Left Justice. The Majority of this Mark are Badly Corroded. This One is Not. Good Condition with Some Corroding. TBD
101FMB1350Berlinifche Feuer Verficherungs Anstalt. (Berlin Fire Insurance Company)9 3/8 x6 1/8. Berlin, Germany. Iron. Convexed. TBD
103Parade BeltNAColumbian Fireman's Parade Belt. Red Leather with White Lettering. Leather is Dry. TBD
103Parade BeltNAPicture 2 of Columbian Parade Belt - showing detail of COLUMBIAN Lettering. TBD
104Sign12.2American Alliance Insurance Company. New York, New York. 1918-1953. Tin with Wood Frame. 10 3/4x26 1/Very good condition. TBD
105FMB1625 VARArgus Companhia de Seguros. Porto, Portugal. Tin. Square. 5 7/8x5 7/8. Black Background. Triangle with ARGUS in Center with Companhia De Seguros Porto 1907 in Gold with Red and Gold Background. Contemporary Mark issued after 1953 and before 1976. TBD
107FME9KAllianz Versicherungs - AG (Alliance Insurance Company). Berlin and Munich, Germany. Enameled Iron. Slightly Convex. Circa 1920 - 1923. Dark Green Background with Allianz and Berlin in White and Raised. In Middle in Black is the Emblem and Versicherungs-Aktien-Gesellschaft (very faded on this mark).5 3/4 x 8 5/8. TBD
110FMB779Atlas Insurance Company. London, England. Copper. Rectangular. 10 5/8 x 6 5/8. Raised Figure of Atlas with very Convexed Globe. No Border. Tear in Left Side of Globe. Minor Bend in Bottom of Mark Around the Knees of Atlas. TBD
110FMB584Westminster Fire Office. London, England. Copper. 1717 - 1906. 9 1/4 x 6. Raised Lettering and Portcullis with Prince of Wales' Feathers. Had been Gold. Damage on Bottom Right Edge is Old Damage. TBD
111FMB1396; E109CPreuss Feuer Versicherung Aktien. Prussian Fire Insurance Company. Berlin, Germany. 1874 - 1914. Rectangular. Raised Border, Crest and Lettering. 9 x 7 1/8. Heavily Repainted. TBD
112Sign387.2aTwin City Fire Insurance Company. Minneapolis, Minn. 1910-1987. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. 19x11 with Frame Gold Lettering with White Shading. Brown Simulated Wood Grain Background. Frame needs to be touched up. TBD
113FMB534Sun Insurance Office. London, England. Lead. 7 x 7. Pulled from 2017 Silent Auction - Determined to be Authentic Fire Mark so in 2018 Live Auction. Raised Sun with Sixteen Rays, Alternating between Wavy and Straight. Panel Below has Policy #355304. TBD
115Auto TagNABonanca Companhia Auto Tag. 2 7/8 diameter. Black Background with Ornate Silver Edge and Silver Anchor. Bon Anca in Red Lettering. TBD
116FMB1195-V-A2Prvni Ceska Vzajemna Pojistovna. Prague, Czechoslovakia. Iron, Enameled Coated. Slightly Convex. Red Border, Blue Background with Cream Lettering. Red and Cream Shield. 7x5 1/8. TBD
117Sign141.1Frankford Mutual Fire Insurance Company Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. 1842-1962. Tin. 16 1/2x23 1/4 including Frame. Note - believe the frame is NOT original - looks to be added in the past. Also, The Frankford Mutual Fire Insurance Company has been repainted (not a good job) in the wrong colors. No color on the remainder of the lettering. Very interesting sign but needs TLC. TBD
119FM???Saint Paul Fire & Marine Insurance. Saint Paul, Minnesota. Not Listed in Bulau. Lightweight Tin. Rectangular. 6 3/4 x 3. Dark Blue Background with Gold Raised Border and Lettering. Circa Mid-20th Century. TBD
121FMB1503Assicurazioni Generali Societa Aonima. Trieste, Italy. Tin. Rectangular. 11 x 7 1/4. Raised Gold Lettering and Border. Black Background. Back of Mark says Pre-World War II. Repainted. TBD
122Ledger MarkerNAAmazon Insurance Company Ledger Marker. One Side says Insure With the Amazon. Other Side says $500,000 AMAZON Cincinnati. TBD
123FMB847-X-1Patriotic Assurance Company. Dublin, Ireland. Tin. Circular. 7 inches in Diameter. Light Green Background. Sun in the Center is Raised and in Yellow. Red Lettering Raised for Company Name. In Small Green Lettering are the Words "Guaranteed by SUN of London, Founded 1710." TBD
124FMB684Phoenix Assurance Company. London, England. 8 1/4 x7. Border and Figure of Phoenix Raised on Convexed Oval with Panel Below with PHOENIX on the Panel. Spear at the Angle Point is Missing. Repainted. TBD
126Sign294.5Orient Insurance Co. of Hartford. Tin with Wood Frame. 16 1/3 x 22. Gold Lettering with Black Outline. Maroon and Black Simulated Wood Grain Background. Couple of Bends in Tin Sign with some Scratches below the word Hartford. TBD
128FMB1207Hasicska Vzajemna Pojistovna V Brne. Brne, Czechoslovakia. Iron. Convexed. 7 x 5. Red Background with White Lettering and Border. Center is Red, White and Blue. TBD
129FMB761County Fire Office. London, England. 1807-1906. Copper. 6 5/8x 8 5/8. Border, Figure of Britannia Facing Front and COUNTY on Panel are all Raised. No Color. Some Damage to Edges and Top Right Side. TBD
130FMB891Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Copper. 12 x 10. Ornate Shield with Border , Design and Lettering Raised. Very Top has Separated but included with Mark. TBD
131SignNAGeneral Insurance Company of America. 23 1/2 x 15 1/2. Glass Sign with Wood Frame. Frame needs to be touched up. Gold Lettering with Black Background. TBA
133FMB753Birmingham Fire Office. Birmingham, England. 1804 - 1867. Copper. 10 1/4 x 11. Raised Border and Design of Fireman Standing by Early Hand Pumper with BIRMINGHAM Below. Fireman Face is Turned to Right. Damage to Mark between R and M. Also, area of Right Spoke and area below the Spokes have worn away and you can see light if raised to light. TBD
135FMB762County Fire Office. London, England. 1807 - 1906. Copper. Rectangular. 9 1/2sx 6 5/8. Border, Figure of Britannia Facing Left, County in Panel Below All Raised. Britannia is Gold on Red Background. COUNTY is Gold on Black. Repainted. TBD
136Auto TagNAState Farm Mutual Auto Ins. Co. Auto Tag. Bloomington, ILL. Also has original package and vehicle attachments. TBD
137Sign104.2Dubuque Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Dubuque, Iowa. 1883 - 1963. Sign. Reverse Glass with Wood Frame. 15 5/8 x 7 7/8. Gold Background with Gold Lettering of Insurance Company Name. Black and Gold Border. Wood Frame. TBD
139FMB53Insurance Company of North America. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tin. Circular. 6 3/4 Diameter. Raised Gold Eagle in Center on Red Background. Company Name in English and Chinese. TBD
141FMB947Liverpool & London & Globe Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. Tin. 9 1/2 x 7 1/4. Raised Globe and Lettering in Gold. Black Background except Red Around the Globe. Common Mark. TBD
142FMB71-V-AHartford Fire Ins. CO. Chartered 1810. Heavy Tin. 8 x 4. Mark issued by Hartford Ins. Co. and Given to their Agents in 2010 to Celebrate their 200th Anniversary. Back of Mark says... An authentic reproduction of the Hartford fire mark first issued circa 1840. TBD
143FMB608London Assurance. London, England. Heavy Tin. 11 1/4x 9 7/8. Raised Gold Lettering on Black Background. Seated Figure of Britannia, Raised, in Gold, White, Red and Black Background. On Back is the History of the Ownership of the Mark for the last 2 owners. TBD
145FMB797Guardian Assurance Company. London, England. Tin 9 1/4x8 1/4. Red Border, Erect Figure of Athena in Gold, Silver and Red. Lettering in Gold. Raised Figure and Lettering. Modern and Common Mark. TBD
148Sign38 Var.British America Assurance Company. Toronto, Ontario, Canada. In US 1874 - 1963. Brass. No Frame. Etched Black Lettering. Black Lettering is Mostly Gone. Brass is Stained in Many Places. TBD
149FMB875 or 876Northern Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. Damage to Mark - especially on Edges. 9 1/4 x 6 3/4. TBD

The Firemark Circle of the Americas
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