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2017 Silent Auction  -  2017 Live Auction
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# ID Description ImageMin
1AReproduction Fire Mark of B57. Heavy Cast Iron. 10 3/8 x 9 7/8. Was Lot 8 in 2016 Auction. Determined to be Repro by Verification Committee. TBD
4FPicture. Modern Fire Fighting Apparatus, Crane Neck Engine of the 1845 Period. Cope of Black/White Pencil by Hollrock. In Beautiful Custom Frame. 23 3/4x19 7/8 including frame. TBD
6MBaltic Fire Insurance Company Policy. Fire Policy. Policy period is June 1, 1878 to June 1, 1871. Very Good Condition but is folded in plastic protective. TBD
6MReverse Side of Baltic Fire Insurance Policy TBD
7CCopy of the Original Mayflower II Insurance Policy. Framed Copy No. L-22. Back Says the policy was brought to Plymouth, Massachusetts in the Treasure Chest of Stewart, Smith & Co on Board the Mayflower II which began its westward voyage from Plymouth, England, on April 20th, 1957. 21 3/4x17 1/4. TBD
8SAssociated Firemen's Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Very Heavy. Back has Casting number 3780. 11x8 3/4. TBD
9DDRoyal Exchange Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. Metal. Not Lead. Reviewed by ALVC and determined to be Repro - is not as it should be, incorrect style and DOBS do not look like its stamped. TBD
11GGFirehouse Five Record Album, complete and dated 1953. 12x12 20
12CInsurance Company of North America Reproduction Fire Mark of B47. Very Heavy. 11 1/2x8 1/2. Back of Mark says Facsimile of Fire Mark issued in 1830. 1975 Replica. TBD
13ROval Aluminum Sign showing Insured in the Mill Mutuals. Offering a $500.00 reward for information leading to the arrest or conviction of arsonists. 4 inches X 6 inches. Issued by the Mutual Fire Prevention Bureau of Chicago. TBD
15NSilver Colored Buttons. Five Regular Size and One Small Button. Fire Engine Emblem on Each. Back says Waterbury Button Company. TBD
16JBank of Columbus Georgia $10 Note. Dated January 1st 1859. TBD
17JAugusta Insurance and Banking Co. $10 Note. State of Georgia. Dated 1849. Fair Condition. TBD
18JAugusta Insurance & Banking Co. $10 Note. State Of Georgia. Dated 15th Day of January 1847 TBD
19HMatch Box Holder. Advertising. California Insurance Company of San Francisco on one side and Bear with Arrow and the words "Underrated" on other side. 2 3/8x1 1/2x1/2 wide. TBD
20HSign. Pittsburgh Fire Insurance Co., Pittsburgh, PA. On Pressed Board. Manufactured by Bastian Bros. Co, Rochester, NY. Covered with plastic(??)on the sign, so it resembles reverse glass. TBD
21OUnion Fire Insurance Company of Nashville. Reproduction Fire Mark. Cast Iron. Very Heavy. 10x7. TBD
22DDChubb and Son, Name Plate, Manufacturers 57 St. Pauls Churchyard. London. Gold Colored. Raised Lettering and Border. 5 1/8 X 2 1/8 On Wood Board that is not, But looks very nice with it. 10X6 for Wood Board. TBD
23LHartford Fire Ins. Co. Chartered 1810. Heavy Tin. 9 1/4x4 7/8. Back says "An authentic reproduction of the Hartford fire mark first issued circa 1840." This was sent by Hartford to their agents within past 10 years - one per agency given. TBD
24KAmerican Fire Marks Booklet. The INA collection. 10 pages. TBD
25HInsurance by The Hartford. Salesmen Sample Sign. Wood. National Advertising Company, a Subsidiary of #M on Bottom. 14 inches long x12 inches high. TBD
26HUnited Surety Company Paperweight. Oval. 4 3/8x2 7/8. TBD
27FToy Fire Engine. Door on one side says "IFire Department". Other door has a Clock that says "Seth Thomas." Cool Piece. 9 1/8 long x 3 7/8 wide x3 1/4 wide. TBD
28CPhoenix Agency Plaque. Protection. Figure of the Phoenix coming out of the Flames. 1782 below. On Solid Wood - original to Plaque. 11 1/2x9 1/4 x1 inches depth. TBD
29QSouthern Agriculturist Sign. Metal Small. 9 3/4x6 7/8. No frame. Blue Shield on White Background. White Lettering is Raised. Made by Amer. Can Co., N.Y & Chgo. TBD
32GGFire Alarm. Revere Home Fire Alarm in Original Box (has wear). 7x4x2. 15
36UThe Hartford Book Ends. Wood-like Material. 6 3/8 inches high. TBD
37JRoyal Globe Insurance Group. Advertising Calendar. Brass. Newark Insurance Company has become unglued so needs to be re-glued. 21 x 13. TBD
38FPhoenix Fire Extinguisher Compound Dry Powder. Made by Phoenix Fire Appliance Co. Price $3.00. Very Nice Condition. Unopened. TBD
39ZAetna Advertising Paperweight/Mirror. On Front Says "I Want to do Business with the Man on the Other side." J. G. Schoon - Monticello, Iowa. Mirror on Reverse. 3 1/2 inch circular. TBD
40BBook. The British Fire Mark 1680-1879. by Brian Wright. Copyright 1982. Very important reference book for British Fire Marks. 480 pages. TBD
41BBook. German Fire Marks by William Evenden. Copyright 1989. Very important reference book for German Marks. 361 pages. PLUS Supplement to German Fire Marks issued May 7, 1994. TBD
42MFiremen Booklet published by National Fire Protection Association monthly for their members. A Voluntary Non-profit Organization in Boston, Mass. September 1948 23 pages. TBD
43FFootprints of Assurance by Alwin Bulau. (the "bible" of Fire Marks. Published in 1953. Must-have for Fire Mark Collectors. TBD
44YSamson Auto Insurance Association. Two Auto Insurance One Page Applications. Both not completed. Edition date 4-27. Samson Advertising Brochure. 2 pages. Water or some type of stain on top of brochure, mainly inside and back. TBD
45YGeneral Casualty Company of Wisconsin. Auto Policy. Policy Period is 24th of April 1930 to 24th of April 1931. Very good condition. TBD
46CCMutual Fire Insurance Company. Perpetual Insurance Policy No. 2738. Dwelling Policy for home in Washington City, District of Columbia. Signed the 12th day of May, 1866. (yes 1866) Inside shows a listing report of sums received. Starts at May 12, 1866 and last entry is December 29, 1884. Very good condition. TBD
47CCMutual Fire Insurance Company of the District of Columbia. Perpetual Insurance Policy on Dwelling in Washington City. First Payment is September 8, 1865 and Last Payment is December 30, 1889. Good Condition. Some discoloring on Front. TBD
49DGuardian Assurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. Heavy Lead. 9 1/2x8 1/2. TBD
50WTwo Limited Edition Plates. From National Fire Museum. Both by Wm. Gtrodecki.One is Christie-Drawn Amoskeag Pumper. Plate #7261. Other is The 1922 Ahrens-Fox. Plate #2164. From the Franklin Mint. TBD
51HThe American Fire, Philadelphia. Paperweight. Clear Glass with Bottom Etching of Company Name and Emblem. 3 inch diameter TBD
52HThe North River Insurance Company. Brass Medallion. One Hundredth Anniversary. Raised Picture of Richard Whiley, Founder on Front. On Back is the date of 1822-1922 with Raised Sailboat on Water and Raised Wreaths edging. TBD
53BBTwo Insurance Advertising Trade Cards. Top is for Industrial Insurance. Metropolitan Life Ins. Back shows list of Directors. More than Eight Million Dollars paid to members. Bottom Card is Providence Washington Ins. Co. Back has Assets and Liabilities. Statement January 1, 1886. TBD
54JAmerican Insurance Union Magazine. Official Journal of the American Insurance Union, Columbus, Ohio. Christmas. December, 1927. 35 pages. TBD
55DDZurich Sign. Inspected by Zurich General Accident and Liability Insurance Company. Metropolitan Department. J. G. Hilliard, 55 John St. New York City. Brass 8x5. Border and Lettering Slightly Raised. On Wood Board not original to sign. TBD
57GGRevell Model. Complete in Original Box. Chemical and Ladder. 9x4x 1 1/2 inches. 35
59KBook. History Organization and Growth. East Augusta Mutual Fire Insurance Company. 1u870 - 1970. Copyright 1970. 112 pages. TBD
60NMiniature Contributionship Fire Mark. TBD
61RBook. Fire Engines Firefighters, the Men, Equipment, and Machines from Colonial Days to the Present. by Paul Ditzel. Copyright 1976. 256 pages. TBD
62SFootprints of Assurance. Book. Inside is Hand Written to Ivan Escott. Book is Number 58 of 500 Copies. Bottom is signed by Alvin Bulau and Harold Smith. Hand written date of June 16, 1953. 319 pages. The Bible of Fire Marks. Plastic Cover Protector. Excellent Condition. TBD
63CRepublic Insurance Company. Dallas, Texas. Plaque. Genuine Burwood Material. 12/7/8x10 5/8. Raised Border. Raised Lettering in Gold Color with Cream Emblem in Middle. TBD
64CLondon Guarantee and Accident Company Sign/Plaque. 12x9 7/8. Genuine Milwood Product with Gray Front and Raised Black and Silver and Red lettering and Dragons and Shield. TBD
65AARoyal Exchange Assurance. London, England. Reproduction of B623/W10J. Heavy Lead. 6 7/8x6. TBD
66DDLumbermen's Insurance Reproduction Fire Mark of B442. Determined to be Repro by Verification Committee because Rusting Indicates Modern Iron and no Stippling. TBD
67GGKansas City Fire & Marine Figurine. Made of Bakelite Plastic. 3 x 2. 20
68GGKansas City Fire & Marine Glasses with their logo on each of them. Set of 2. Each is 4 inches tall. 10
70DDConsequential Coverages. Book. By W. S. Foster. Published by Rough Notes Co. 1936. 167 pages. TBD
73GGAdvertising scissors, 9 inches in length. The German Fire Insurance Co of Pittsburg. Marked on back D.Peres Solingen Germany. TBD
74ZMaryland Casualty Company Advertising Paperweight. Same Design on both sides. 2 1/2 inch circular. TBD
75FMiniature Fire Mark. Metal 3 1/2x2 1/2. TBD
76KBook. Proudly We Say. A Recounting of the First Hundred Years of The Hanover Fire Insurance Company. Copyright 1952. 83 pages TBD
80NFire Department Buttons. Four. Small. Each Button is 1/2 inch round. One Top of each Button is "FD" TBD
81ESun Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. Lead. Determined to be Repro by Verification Committee.7 1/8x7. TBD
82LUnited Firemen's Insurance Company. Reproduction Fire Mark. Metal. 11 1/8x8 5.8. Interesting Item - on back of Mark in slightly raised lettering is Union Fire Ins. Co. 1800. TBD
83UTwo Advertising Hard Cardboard Fans. Brethren Mutual Insurance Co. Back sides are pictured. Fronts - one has picture of baby reaching for dog. Other has snow-capped mountains with green fir trees and water in front. TBD
84GGUnguentine First Aid Spray Bottle, in the Shape of a Fire Extinguisher. Empty. 5 x 1 1/2. 5
86DDThe Incontestable Clause: An Historical Analysis. Soft Bound Book. by Luis Villaronga. Copyright 1976. 69 pages. TBD
87BBTrinity Universal Insurance Company. Dallas, Texas. Agency Plaque. Bonded. Real Estate Salesman. Raised Lettering. Hard Plastic. 8 5/8 x 5 1/8. TBD
88KBrass Stamp. Raised Oval that says Insured Home New York. And Bottom of Stamp says It Pays to Be a Home Agent. Used by Printers to Inprint. TBD
89ZPicture - The Life of a Fireman. The night alarm - "start her lively boys." Reprint of a Lith by N.Currier. 16 3/4x 12. Framed. TBD
90JStack of "Gold Coins". Both top and bottom says The American Credit Indemnity Co. New York. We Pay Your Losses. 1 3/8 in diameter x 1 inch tall. TBD
91AABook. The Historical Collection of Insurance Company of North America. 1792 - 1967. by M. J. McCosker. Copyright 1967. 213 pages. TBD
92CIowa Mutual Insurance Company, De Witt, Iowa. Sign. Appears to be made from Plaster made to look like Granite. Edges are uneven but that is the way it was made. Heavy for its size. 7 3/4x9 3/4. TBD
93HLetter Opener. Brass Handle with Miller Studebaker Agency, Insurance Bldg. Topeka, Kan. on Front with Scrolling around Lettering. On Back is Scrolling only. Heavy Letter Opener. 9 1/2 inches long. TBD
94NGold Colored Buttons. Five bigger ones and one smaller one. All buttons except for one of the bigger one says F.D. The other one has a Fire Engine and has S F on top and F. D. on bottom. TBD
95HHome Insurance Company Paperweight with Mirror on Reverse Side. No Date indicated but Telephone number is HAnover 2 - 6900. TBD
96SNorwich Union Fire. Great Britain. Plaque. 12x6. TBD
97SHartford Fire Insurance Company. Advertising Medallion. One side has picture of Home Office, name of company and 1810 1921. Other side has Airplane View of Home Office, Grounds and Athletic Field. Brass. 4 inches in diameter. TBD
98FToy Miniature Fire Truck. 2 7/8x1 x 1 wide x1 1/4 high (without ladder raised) Bottom has words Fire Engine, Zymex and P312 Hong Kong. White Ladder Raises. TBD
99MVeribest Model 444 Fire Extinguisher. Believe to be Empty. Damage to Extinguisher on Front and some damage to the bottom. Do now know if that "green" will come off. TBD
100BBooklet. A History of Royal Insurance in the United States. by John Cosgrove. 49 pages. Copyright 1986. TBD
101HBankers & Shippers Insurance Company of New York. Organized 1918. Plaque. Burwood. 12 7/8x11. TBD
102TAmerican States Insurance Paperweight. Issued in 1977. TBD
103FProperty Insurance Hard Bound Book. by Solomon S. Huebner, Professor, Wharton School of Finance and Commerce. Published 1916. 421 pages. TBD
105Fireman's Fund Paper Calendar. 1927. with original hanger. 12 x 7 including handle. 25
108XCapper's Farmer Protective Service. Division of Capper's National, Topeka, Kansas. Aluminum Sign. 13 3/4x8. Red Background with White Eagle. Lettering in White or Red or Black. TBD
109HPocket Knife. The Commercial Travelers. Utica, N.Y. TBD
110KHartford Accident and Indemnity Company Agency Appreciation Plaque. Twenty-Fifth Anniversary. Dated 1913 - 1938. Very Heavy Wood Original Backing. 15 7/8x11 7/8. 7/8 inch depth. TBD
111MPhoenix Insurance Company. 85 Shares of the Capital Stock. Paper. Dated July 1, 1859. Number 507. TBD
112MThree Pieces of Insurance Paper Advertising. 1. German American Insurance Co. Letter dated March 11, 1887. 2. Phenix Insurance Co. Letter dated April 7, 1887. 3. Continental Ins. Co. Letter dated 3 - 15, 1887. TBD
113MThe Fidelity Insurance Trust and Safe Deposit Company of Philadelphia. Two Different Stock Certificates. 1. Twenty Shares of the Capital Stock. Dated 20th date of March A.D. 1878. 2. Forty Two Shares dated 28th day of March, A.D. 1878. TBD
114XPearl Assurance Company Ltd Agency. Plaque. Burwood. 13 1/4x 9 1/2. TBD
115XInternational Insurance Company, New York. Plaque. 13 3/4x11 7/8. TBD
116EGermantown Mutual Fire. Reproduction Fire Mark. Heavy Metal. 11 1/2x8 1/8. Raised Lettering in Gold and Raised Shaking Hands in Black with Gold. TBD
117MBrass Fire Nozzle. 10 inches long x 2 1/4 diameter at the widest part. TBD
119TTwo Different Tie Tacks. One is for Liberty Mutual Insurance and the other is from Continental Insurance TBD
120ZMiniature Fire Mark of the Green Tree. 3 x 2 1/4. Lightweight Metal. TBD
121SPaperweight. Gold Color. Raised Etching on one side of State Capitol, Nashville, Tennessee. Other side says Davis, Bradson & Corson. Insurance and Bonding. Seventy Fifth Anniversary. 1867 - 1942. 3 1/3x2.Heavy for its size TBD
122HMerrill and Braniff Ash Tray? Container? Unusual. Has Advertising for Fire Insurance, Surety Bonds and Casualty Insurance. Phone number is P.B.X.1. 3 3/4x3 3/4 x2 1/4 inches tall. TBD
123GOld Sprinkler Head. 3 inches tall x 1 3/4 inches. Appears to be Name on each side. Can see CKY for sure. Can't read the rest. TBD
124GSprinkler Head. Old. 2 3/4 high x 1 1/2 wide. Top has S S P 2 Listed. One side of the Sprinkler Head has F950. TBD
125GSprinkler Head. Old. Heavy. 3 tall x 3 1/2 diameter. Top says S S P Spray 1 v Pendent. Bottom of Sprinkler Head says GLOBE. TBD
126DDInterpreter. The Dictionary for Property and Casualty Insurance. Soft Bound Book. Copyright 1972, Edition of January, 1973. 87 pages. TBD
127GGPEP Cereal Pin showing Smokey Stover. 3/4 inches. 5
132DDLoss Adjusting by Reed, Mortimer, Jones and Bachman. Hardbound Book. Small Size. Copyright 1947 by Underwriter Printing and Publishing Company. 230 pages. Book is 7 1/2 x 5 1/4. TBD
135JMetropolitan Cook Book. Published February 1948. by Metropolitan Life Insurance Company. 56 pages. Recipes TBD
136HAdvertising Paper Clip. Compliments of German American Insurance Company, New York. Name Changed to Great American Insurance Company in 1917 so circa prior to 1917. tbd
137UU.S.F&G Medallion/Paperweight. 3 inches in diameter. Back Says Fifty Years of Insurance and Suretyship. 1896 - 1946. Raised Lettering on Front and Back. TBD
138FSigns of Insurance Book. by Edward Tufts and Lynne Leopold-Sharp. Published 1991. 148 pages. Very important reference book for Insurance Sign collectors. TBD
139NOld Firemen Parade Ribbon. Bottom says N.J & N.Y Vol. Firemen's Ass. Convention 1929. Ribbon in Very Poor Condition. TBD
140BBook. Hand in Hand. The Story of The Hand in Hand Fire & Life Insurance Society. 1696-1996. by Brian Henham. 126 pages. TBD
141VEquitable Life Assurance Society. Production Growth Award given to John Miller 1967. TBD
142COhio Farmers Insurance Company Plaque issued in 1948 to their agents for their 100th Year Anniversary. On Solid Wood Shield 9 1/2x8 1/4 x1/2 inch thick that is Original. Round Brass Medallion of the Old Man on a Fence. TBD
144GGLion Coffee Advertisement - showing a Hose Reel. 6 1/2 x 2 1/2. 5
148KYorkshire Insurance Company, Ltd. Tip Tray. 4 3/8 diameter. Picture of the Yorkshire Fire Mark B855 in Center with Company Name at Bottom. Back says Wade. England. TBD
149JPamphlet The Health of the Worker. Printed and distributed by the Metropolitan Life Insurance Co for the Use of its Policy Holders. 24 pages. Published 1913. TBD
150PNorthwestern Fire & Marine Insurance Co., Minneapolis, Minnesota. Paper Holder. 50th Anniversary 1899 - 1949. Brass? TBD
151HUnion Fire & Casualty. 7 1/2x7 5/8. 1946. Agency Plaque. Metal. TBD
152HProvidence Washington Insurance Company. Paperweight or Advertising Piece. Pewter Like Material. Heavy for its size. 3x3. Commemorating our 175th Anniversary. 1799 - 1974. TBD
153ZMiniature Fire Mark of Associated Firemen's. Lightweight Metal. 3 x 2 1/4. TBD
154CReliance Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. Very Light Weight Metal. 10 1/2x7 5/8. TBD
155JThe Green Tree Collection Coloring Book. Printed 1980. No Coloring done on inside or outside of Booklet. 9 pages. TBD
156DDCasualty Insurance Book. by C.A. Kulp and John W. Hall. Copyright 1968. From the Kemper Insurance Library. 1072 pages. TBD
157KThe Royal Forum. Booklet. Published Quarterly by John Royle & Sons, Paterson, N.J. Published Dec. 15, 1970. 15 pages. Inside is an article on the Chicago Fire of 1871. TBD
158JOld Prudential Paper Advertising from "Everybody's Magazine" put permanently on piece of wood. Top says Awarded Grand Prize at St. Louis Exposition. 9 1/4x6. TBD
159QMiniature INA Insurance Fire Mark. 2 1/8x2 7/8. TBD
160M5 Booklets. All from John Hancock Ins. Co. Dates on back are: 1931, 1932, 1939, 1933 and 1923. TBD
161HAdvertising Paper Clip. Hiegel & Ryan Insurance. Telephone 466. Shows a Picture of a House on Fire. 3 1/8x2 1/2 TBD
162SPlastic Advertising Sign. One Side (not shown in picture) says Selected Risks Insurance Company. Home Office: Branchville, New Jersey. Other Side says Representing Neglected Risks Insurance Company. Blue with Yellow Lettering. TBD
163FFire Engine. Clear Glass. Bottom says Reproduction of Old Fashioned Heavy Glass Fire Engine. May in Taiwan, Rep. of China. 5 inches long x 1 3/8 wide x2 inches high. TBD
164GTwo Small Framed Prints of Pumpers. One is Philadelphia's Hurricane 13 Engine. Other is The Mother Lode's Papeete. Each one is 8 3/4x6 3/4 TBD
165QMembers Ins. Co. Fire Mark. Very Heavy Metal. 11 1/8x8 1/4. Back of Mark says "Members Ins. Co. 7-69. 169 of 200." All Lettering is Raised except the 169. Anyone know more details on this item? Never been in FMCA Auction in the past. TBD
166QFiremen's Insurance Company Reproduction Fire Mark. Composite Metal 13 1/4x11 3/4. TBD
167NKey Chain with Miniature Baltimore Equitable B166 inside. TBD
168QMultiple Items in One Lot. 11 separate paper items including "Texas" Houston Chronicle Magazine with Cover of Fire Fighters Fighting a Fire. Inside is an article on Collecting Firehouse Memories, showing the collections of several Fire Fighters in Houston. TBD
169QCollectors' Eye. Magazine. November/December 1998. 57 pages. Inside is an Article on Antique Signs by Howard Girdlestone. TBD
170IPennsylvania Life and Accident. Two Special Accident and Sickness Benefits Policies that are BLANK. Policy #90242 and 196013. Plus the Car for policy #90242 that is now in two parts. TBD
171ISecurity Mutual Fire Insurance Company Policy. Property Policy for Stock and Fixtures. Expired June 11, 1913. TBD
172JSix Coasters Each with a different British Fire Mark. TBD
173JAmerican Fire Mark Rarity Guide. By Edward Tufts. Pamphlet. 26 pages. Published 1984. Also included is a one page Update to the Rarity Guide and a 5 page article "Dating the Fire Marks of the Fire Association" by Shea and Wills. TBD
174QIron Men Album Magazine. Volume 42, May/June 1988. No. 5. Lancaster, PA. Picture of 1872 Fire Engine, Idella, on Front Cover. The Store in the Magazine. 57 pages. TBD
175QThe Journal Of Insurance. March/April 1983. Fire Fighting Items on Cover. Article in Journal about The New York Fire House Museum - combining the New York Fire Department Museum with the Home Insurance Company Collection. TBD
176QCommunique, Vol. 23 No4, Winter 1991 from The St. Paul. 23 pages. Includes Article on Fire Marks. TBD
177QHouston Independent News. Two Different Ones. One from October 1979 has 18 pages. Cover has different Fire Marks. Inside is an article on Fire Marks from Tom Hopkins, Jr. Second one is from October 1980. 18 pages. Cover has pictures of old Fire Engines. Inside is article on The Fire Museum. TBD
178FLloyd's of London Fire Insurance Policy. Covering Loss or Damage by Fire on Contents in building in Kansas City, Kansas. Policy dates are 20th of October, 1959 to 20th day of October, 1962. TBD
179JNational Fire Insurance Company of Hartford, Conn. Letter dated April 23, 1902 on their Letterhead, with one half sheet of paper representing renewal of the policy and the Envelope used to mail items. Has a nice 4 cent stamp. TBD
180JBooklet. The Badge of Strength. Fire Marks. Their origin and use wit special reference to the mark of the Hand-in-Hand. Published in 1946. 15 pages TBD
181JCornwells Fire Co. 1 - 1915. Pamphlet. 8 pages. Published Spring 1975. TBD
182JThe Cincinnati Fire Dept. A Brief History. Pamphlet. By Dorothea Yaeger. 10 pages. Published 1976. TBD
183JMutual Life Insurance Company of New York. Pamphlet. Seventy-Second Annual Report. 1915. 47 pages. TBD
184JGuardian Paper Item. 6 inches tall x 4 1/8 wide. ***Does anyone know what this was used for? Or what it is?? TBD
185JFire Mark circle of the Americas. Journal 1885 Number II. Pamphlet. 36 pages. TBD
186JTwo Pamphlets: 1) A Mini Guide to Women's Insurance Rights. Copyright 1974, 6 pages. 2)the Pennsylvania Insurance Department's Bill of Rights Series. Copyright 1974. 5 pages. Both by Pennsylvania Insurance Department. TBD
187JA Shopper's Guide to Financially Strong Insurance Companies. Pamphlet. Copyright 1973 by Pennsylvania Insurance Department. 18 pages. TBD
188JA Shopper's Guide to Resolving Insurance Complaints. Pamphlet from Pennsylvania Insurance Department. Copyright 1974. 12 pages. TBD
189JFranklin & Fires. Pamphlet. Copyright 1906 - Reprinted, 1922. 18 Pages. The Philadelphia Contributionship for the Insurance of Houses From Loss by Fire. TBD
190QAcuity Insurance Advertising Piece. Candy Shoppe Container with Lid, made of composite wood or something like that. Decorated on all sides. 1

The Firemark Circle of the Americas
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