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2017 Live Auction  -  2017 Silent Auction
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Item Type Book
Ref. No.
Description ImageEst.
6Fire ClackerNAFire Clacker. Very good condition. But I could not get it to turn and "clack." 8 x6 1/2 with handle. TBD
12Sign386.2The Travelers Insurance Company Sign. Hartford, Connecticut. Brass with Original Wood Frame. 25 1/2x15 5/8. Etched Black Script with Company Emblem of Hartford Tower, lower left. Some of the Black is gone. Manufacturer is George Rutledge. Sign issued 1923-1935. On back of sign is Memorandum from Travelers explaining how they determined date issued. TBD
46FMB83Fire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Flat Back. Oval. 11 1/2x8. First Mark issued by this company. TBD
54FMB891Royal Insurance Company. Liverpool, England. 12 x10 1/8. Copper. TBD
64FMB234 or B235Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. 5 1/8x8. Front of Mark Repainted recently. Border and Lettering Slighly raised TBD
64FMB234 or B235Home Insurance Company. New York, New York. Tin. 5 1/8x8. Repainted recently. Border and Lettering Slighly raised TBD
70FMB1344Schleswig Holsteinische Landesbrandkasse. Kiel, Germany. Iron. Slightly Convexed. 9 3/4x7. TBD
84FMB90VAFire Association of Philadelphia. Cast Iron. Has Long Grass. Drainage Knob in Back. Flat Back. 11 1/4x7 5/8.Verified by Auction Verification Committee to be Authentic and is a 90VA. TBD
86FMB779Atlas Assurance Company. London, England. Copper. No Border. 11x6 5/8. Damage on three of four edges - probably when they removed the mark from its home. TBD
104FMB917Commercial Union Assurance Company. London, England. Tin. Oval Shape. 9 7/8xx 8 5/8. Raised Design of a Salamander in Flames. Red, Gold and Green. Black Background with Raised Gold Lettering. Restored by Commercial Artist using authentic original colors. TBD
118SignNANational Forsikring Agentur. Ialle Brancher. Enameled Iron, Very Convex. Bright Red Background with White Lettering and Border. Some of the Enameled Iron missing on bottom and edges. TBD
133FMN/AHartford Fire Ins. Co. Fire Mark. Issued by Insurance Company about 5 - 10 years ago for Agents of their company. Heavy Tin. 9 1/8x5. Raised Lettering. Back says - An Authentic reproduction of the Hartford fire mark first issued circa 1840. TBD
135Sign131.1Fidelity and Deposit Company of Maryland. Sign. Tin with original Cardboard Backing. 19 1/4 x 13 1/4. Black Lettering. Company Emblem in Center with gold F.D. on Red Sphere. Slightly Beveled Edge. No Frame. TBD

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